What is ShaftDesigner

ShaftDesigner is a CAE software for high-quality marine propulsion shafting alignment, torsional vibration analysis, axial vibration analysis and whirling vibration analysis at the design, production, maintenance and ship repair stages.

Continuous development by professional team, strong scientific background, great shipbuilding experience and customer support make ShaftDesigner a strong reliable solution for marine engineers and companies valuing their time. Full functional free trial version is available.

What ShaftDesigner proposes to…

Propulsion design engineering companies

  • Allows fast comparing different shafting constructions and ideas even at the initial ship design stages to find the optimal variant and avoid problems with a hull, shaft alignment and vibrations
  • Only basic engineering knowledge is required to start using ShaftDesigner
  • Advanced technics like bearing bush double slope, hydrodynamic bearing lubrication, hydrodynamic propeller loads calculations, gearbox loads estimations, hull deflections etc
  • Opens service market for your company

Consulting, service and machining companies

  • Significantly reduce working hours for the calculations and reporting
  • Provide your customers with the optimum shaft alignment and vibration design based on the highest technological tolerances
  • Easy jack-up test, SAG GAP, strain gauges measurements processing with reverse calculations
  • Advanced technics like bearing bush double slope, hydrodynamic bearing lubrication, hydrodynamic propeller loads calculations, gearbox loads estimations, hull deflections etc
  • Expand the range of your service capabilities

Classification societies

  • Easy checking submitted reports with reliable calculations
  • Built-in classification societies rules to check the calculation results
  • Clear flexible reporting system allowing find required parameters
  • Significantly reduce working hours for the calculations and reporting
  • The project file can be requested if it initially was created with ShaftDesigner


  • Easy jack-up test, SAG GAP, strain gauges measurements processing with reverse calculations to find and check actual bearing offsets
  • Only basic engineering knowledge is required to start using ShaftDesigner
  • Calculates reliable technological tolerances to provide high-quality safe alignment
  • Independence from consulting and service companies in ship repairing
  • Get trainings and support from the helpdesk


  • Students are prepared for the real work
  • Detailed user's manual helps to study the software
  • Online and offline trainings are available
  • Online consultations for teachers
  • Set up a classroom to work in groups
  • Great discounts for academic purposes

What actually ShaftDesigner does

ShaftDesigner has a modular structure to cover all marine propulsion shafting calculation needs.


Provides a 3D environment for simple and rapid creating detailed shafting design model. The model may consist of several shaftlines, engine crankshafts, gearbox, fixed and controllable propellers, stern tubes, brackets, different types of flanges and bearings. This model is the source for all kinds of calculations. Store your models in the Repository for further usage.

Shaft alignment

Provides all required calculations concerning marine propulsion shaft alignment and bearing loads. Considers bending in both vertical and horizontal planes, a detailed bearing model with irregular bush shape etc. Implements a full cycle of the shaft alignment procedure: determines current bearing offsets after measuring with reverse calculation, finds best bearing offsets to apply them onboard, checks it with Jack-up test, SAG&GAP, Strain gauges. Additional features: bush contact pressure field, bearing hydrodynamic lubrication, propeller loads, gear tooth loads, hull deflections estimation, technological tolerances.

Whirling vibration

Takes into account anisotropic bearing model which has direction and frequency dependent stiffness and damping characteristics. Calculates free vibration’s damped natural frequencies, mode shapes, critical and resonance speeds, Campbell diagram. Harmonic response analysis provides all parameters at any section, 3D animation and indicates whether a critical speed will result in harmful vibrations. Whirling vibration depends on the alignment parameters and bearing operational conditions providing a more accurate prediction of shafting behaviour.

Torsional vibration

Generates calculation scheme out of shaft dimensions. Calculates angular deformations between components, vibratory torque and stresses in shaft elements, gear hammering in geared connections, power loss in flexible elements and dampers, normal and misfiring diesel engines conditions. Advanced ice impact and short circuit features provide transient calculations in time domain. Supports the latest Classification Societies requirements.

Axial vibration

The free axial vibration calculation shows an overview of the various critical speeds with their corresponding mode shapes. Harmonic response analysis shows actual shaft displacement and thrust bearing loads in relation to the running speed of the installation. Different options are available to set excitation, frequency dependent stiffness and damping parameters for all equipment.

Already use similar software?

Using old fashioned or homemade software means some possible risks and inconvenience for the company:

  • Additional development and support budget
  • Restricted functionality and low software performance
  • Frozen or discontinued development
  • Inconvenient unintuitive user interface
  • Time-consuming model creation
  • Manual reporting and graphs making

Eventually the companies replace homemade software with a special continuously supported one. We can provide easy data migration from your homemade software to ShaftDesigner and it is possible implement additional functionality to cover your requirements.

Some third-party software packages are too general, complicated and not directly focused on marine problems. Their customers can wait for the requests implementation for a long time and not always successfully. We understand such situations completely and we are here to help your business running smoothly.

ShaftDesigner provides the most powerful functionality and attractive licensing conditions compare to any similar software on the market.

Unlike other companies, we rapidly provide customers' requests implementation and regular updates that is why you can be sure that your projects are to be done on time.

Why ShaftDesigner


Focused on the marine industry, shipbuilding and ship repairing All types of calculations are combined in one software package Automatic checking classification societies requirements Up to 5% fuel economy after optimal shaft alignment


High-speed calculations without third-party FEM solver behind An intuitive graphical user interface Powerful reporting system (MS Word, PDF, HTML, XML, EMF), repository, units converter Network and SaaS licenses available


Continuous development and rapid users support, trainings Proven by many users for decades Detailed user's manual Regular updates


Quick investments return, special discounts for universities Flexible modular perpetual standalone and floating licenses Software as a service (SaaS) with access per project Full functional free trial version

Still in doubt?

ShaftDesigner successful users

Frequently asked questions

I'm not sure about the budget.

ShaftDesigner license is perpetual, it means the unlimited usage time. There is no need to pay for unused functionality due to the modular structure of the software. The investment returns after several projects.

Are there any benefits compare to general FEM or simulation packages?

Most of the CAE/FEM/simulation software are too general, that is why require serious engineering and programming background as well as strong user experience. Often it takes a long time to enter initial data and compose the report, this increases the project's hours. ShaftDesigner is dedicated to marine propulsion calculations to reduce working time and efforts.

I'm not a frequent user, I don't have many shafting related projects.

We can provide a 'pay for usage' licensing model. Pay for the project time only.

I don’t have enough experience in this field.

ShaftDesigner is friendly for beginners as well as for experienced engineers and researchers. Despite the great functionality, it is extremely easy to make the model and perform calculation. Besides a clear detailed user's manual, we provide support, helpdesk, on-site and online trainings.

I’m not intended to get the software, but I need the calculation report.

We provide a wide range of marine propulsion shafting consulting and all related FEM, CFD and ship theory calculations.

What's about support and updates?

We provide 1 year technical support and regular software updates for free. The customer support system is available 24/7. Consulting service is also available as an option. After the initial periond of support is terminated, the service contract can be prolonged for 1 year again (2 or 3 years with discount). In case of service contract was not prolonged, fair renewal policy is provided.

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